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For the first several years of it's life, the only project hosted at CountyHistorian was
RoyalWeb aka CecilWeb
which has it's main page at this link.

RoyalWeb aka CecilWeb began as a project to document how Richard Cecil was connected to all other members of the Elizabethan court. It expanded to cover many other royal connections. And expanded yet again to cover research for genealogy clients for pay, self-directed research for free and biographies and genealogy of entertainment personalities.

Several of the most popular pages at RoyalWeb are on entertainment personalities.
This link shows you all pages, sorted by Viewcount.

All the articles I wrote for the old Google Knol are at this link: Knol

This website countyhistorian per this search now gets 2110 Googs, and per this search gets 2738 Yahoozles!

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