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This page writen and copyright 2008 by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist,

Included Counties

The description on Ancestry for this database states: "This database of Arkansas marriage records between 1851 and 1900 includes records from [the 41 counties of] Ashley, Baxter, Benton, Carroll, Clark, Clay, Cleveland, Conway, Craighead, Crawford, Cross, Dallas, Fulton, Garland, Grant, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Howard, Independence, Johnson, Lafayette, Lawrence, Logan, Lonoke, Marion, Montgomery, Nevada, Phillips, Pike, Polk, Prairie, Randolph, St. Francis, Scott, Sebastian, Sharp, Stone, Union, Washington, White, and Yell Counties."

However there are 77 counties in Arkansas

Excluded Counties

Therefore this database does NOT include any records from the 36 counties of: Arkansas (cr. 1813), Boone (cr. 1869), Bradley (cr. 1840), Calhoun (cr. 1850), Chicot (cr. 1823), Cleburne (cr. 1883), Columbia (cr. 1852), Crittenden (cr. 1825), Desha (cr. 1838), Drew (cr. 1846), Faulkner (cr. 1873), Franklin (cr. 1837), Greene (cr. 1833), Izard (cr. 1825), Jackson (cr. 1829), Jefferson (cr. 1829), Lee (cr. 1873), Lincoln (cr. 1871), Little River (cr. 1867), Lovely (cr. 1827), Madison (cr. 1836), Miller (new cr. 1874), Miller (old 1820-36), Mississippi (cr. 1833), Monroe (cr. 1829), Newton (cr. 1842), Ouachita (cr. 1842), Perry (cr. 1840), Poinsett (cr. 1838), Pope (cr. 1829), Pulaski (cr. 1818), Saline (cr. 1835), Searcy (cr. 1835-6, cr2. 1838), Sevier (cr. 1828), Van Buren (cr. 1833), and Woodruff (cr. 1862)

Included County Dates

In addition, it does not include all known marriage ranges, even for those counties which it does include.

Breakdown of when each included county formed and what years the linked database includes.

Ashley18481851-1900 Baxter18731871-1900 Benton18361852-1875
Carroll18331869-1900 Clark18181851-1875 Clay18731875-1900Originally
named Clayton
named Dorsey
Conway18251851-1900 Craighead18591878-1900
Crawford18201851-1900 Cross18621862-1900 Dallas18451851-1900
Fulton18421887-1900 Garland18731874-1900 Grant18691877-1900
Hempstead18181851-1900 Hot Spring18291851-1900 Howard18731873-1900
Independence18201851-1874 Johnson18331852-1900 Lafayette18271851-1900
Lonoke18731873-1900 Lawrence18151851-1900 Logan18751877-1900
Marion18351886-1900 Montgomery18421851-1900 Nevada18711871-1900
Phillips18201851-1875 Pike1875-1900 Polk18441881-1900
Prairie18461854-1890 Randolph18351851-1900 Sebastian18511864-1900
Scott18831877-1900 Sharp18681866-1900 St. Francis18271875-1890
Stone18731873-1900 Union18291851-1899 Washington18281863-1900
White18351851-1885 Yell'18401859-1900
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