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Benjamin Keesling of Mechanicsburg, Indiana

I had a photograph of Benjamin Keesling and his wife Sarah, which I bought at a flea market for five dollars. Through advertising here, I was able to reunite it with a member of this family (to whom I'm not related) for my cost plus a dollar (six dollars).

The back of the photograph states "Great grand parents of Scott and Patty Keesling 1959" in one hand, then in another hand it states "Benjamin & Sarah Keesling, parents of, Charles Fremont Keesling, father of Joe Showalter Keesling"

The front of the photograph has a photographer's stamp which reads "O M Keesling, Mechanicsburg, Ind." The picture shows a seated man and woman, looking to be in their 60's, and dressed in clothing consistent with the picture being from perhaps the 1860's to 1880's.

That's all the information I had to start this search. Let's see, just knowing this much, what I can find.

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