Charlemagne to Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk

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Descent from Charlemagne to Roger Bigod, Sheriff of Norfolk

  1. Charlemagne, King of the Franks from 768, Emperor in the West 800-814
  2. Pepin, Regent of Italy died 8 Jul 810
  3. Bernarde, King of Italy died 17 Apr 818
  4. Pepin II "Quentin" of Vermandois, Count of Perrone, Senlis and St Quentin died 848
  5. Herbert I, Count of Vermandois murdered 902 in Normandy
  6. Herbert II, Count of Vermandois died 23 Feb 943 at St Quentin
  7. Sprota (Adela) of Brittany *line breaks at this point!!* (her ancestry is actually unknown)
  8. Niel (Nigel) II, Viscount of St Sauveur died 1041/1045
  9. Niel (Nigel) III, Viscount of St Sauveur living 1066
  10. Niel (Nigel) IV, Viscount of St Sauveur died before 1073
  11. Unnamed female, daughter of Niel IV above
  12. Roger Bigod, Sheriff of Norfolk died 15 Sep 1107
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