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Etymology and Definition of the Word Consensucracy by Will Johnson, Jan 25, 2008

Rather than a bureaucracy or an adhocracy, I would submit that Wikipedia is becoming, more than ever a consensucracy. Don't blame me that your dictionary doesn't yet have that word, just remember that I made it up first. And here is my definition, a bureaucracy lives by its rules, no matter how senseless they have become. If you break a rule you are punished, even though no living person has been harmed. The rule itself becomes the person against which you are conflicting. In an adhocracy, the rules are overlooked in order to achieve a useful goal. In this sense ignore all rules is meant not to actually ignore the rules for your own gain, but to ignore them when the rules themselves harm the project because they have become too bureaucratic. That is, an adhocracy assumes there is a bureaucracy against which it's working.

Okay now you say, Mr Johnson oh great sage o' the mountain etc, what then is a consensucracy? Your question is a good one Grasshopper. A Consensucracy is an organization that works by consensus. They do not have a bureaucracy and yet they have rules, however the rules are or can be in a constant state of flux, not being ignored, yet being reshaped constantly as new situations emerge. A Consensucracy is the ultimate democratic society. It is the end-result of the collision of Representative Government with Social Networking. It is the future my young friend, and those who do not conform to consensus must face the consequences!

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