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Cornicopian- a person who eats corn

Example: "Tara is a cornicopian"

To be cornicopian you must enjoy eating massive amounts of corn at very fast rates such as 100mph. We need supportors of our cornicopian cause. Thank You and please join the AWSOMENESS OF CORNICOPIANS!!!!!!!

cornman.jpg This is the Cornicopian mascot "Super Corn Man"

3148_corn_cupcake_l.jpg This is our special Cornicopian dessert

corn-car.jpeg This is our fabulous cornmobile

Founding Fathers: Gabbus, Tarrus

Supporters: Czar Nicolas II, Krissy, Ali Mells, Catherine, David

Join our cult or Super Corn Man's step brother candy corn will get very angry nd u wnt like him when he is angry... candyCornMan2.jpg

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