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On Oct 5, 2006, I searched for "Richard Cecil" (the father of Lord Bughley). Among several false hits I found two useful documents:

Northamptonshire Record Office: Fitzwilliam (Milton) Charters [F(M) Charter/1660 - F(M) Charter/2630] FITZWILLIAM (MILTON) CHARTERS APPENDIX I - ref. F(M) Charter/2205-2565 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE DEEDS MAXEY.

Reference: F(M) Charter/2285 Creation dates: 5 Feb anno 13 Hen VIII [1522] Scope and Content LETTERS PATENT of Henry VIII. granting to Richard Cecile, the King's servant, the reversion of the several offices of Constable or Warden of Maxey Castle, Bailiff of the lordship of Maxey, Keeper of Bourne Park, Lincolnshire, and Keeper of the Swans of Margaret late Countess of Richmond and Derby, grand-mother of the King, which offices fell to the King after her death, and were granted by letters patent (dated 11 June, 5 Hen.VIII. [1513]) to John Sharp, groom of the King's chamber and Hugh Edwardis, steward of the King's chamber, for term of their lives. Great seal missing.

FILE [no title] - ref. F(M) Charter/2286 - date: 20 March, 3 & 4, Philip and Mary [1557] [from Scope and Content] LEASE by Princess Elizabeth to Sir William Cecil, Knt. of a close called Ladiebridgclose, parcel of the manor of Maxey, a great garden of Le Marre within the castle of Maxey, a pasture called Olde Park near the same castle, and three closes etc. in Crachholme near the water of Welland (being part of the lands of the late Margaret, Countess of Richmond) which were leased by the Princess's late father Henry VIII, to Richard Cecil, esq. now dead: to hold to the said Sir William for a term of 21 years at a yearly rent of 73sh.4d. and an additional 20d.

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