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Father of actor Cary Elwes

Winnipeg Free Press 13 Sep 1975, page 7, London (AP) "Court Rules Suicide"

"Dominic Elwes killed himself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, coronor Gavin Thurston ruled Friday."

"Remorse over an article he helped write about his close friend Lord Lucan was believed a factor."

"The pills 'were self-administered while suffering from depression,' the coroner said at the inquest. 'There is no question of this being an accident.'"

"Elwes, 44, was found dead in his apartment in London's fashionable Chelsea district last Saturday. His banker brother, Timothy, and several friends testified that he had spoken several times in the last few months of taking his own life."

"The artist was known to have been deeply disturbed about an article he helped write about the Earl of Lucan, the missing peer who is wanted for the murder of his children's nurse last year."

"'I wish I'd never done it,' he said after the article was published in The Sunday Times. 'It showed Lucan in a bad light.'"

"Lucan's friends were reported to have ostracized Elwes because of the article."

"Elwes, the son of royal portrait painter Simon Elwes, hit the headlines in 1958 when, at 26, he eloped to Scotland with heiress Tessa Kennedy, who was 19. A Scottish court barred them from marrying, and they flew to Cuba, married there, and then went through another ceremony in New York three months later. They seperated in 1966."

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