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The Fresno Bee Republican, 14 Jul 1955

"Elizabeth Montgomery Has to Keep Up Shuttle Schedule", by Bob Thomas.

Hollywood — AP — Robert Montgomery's daughter Elizabeth is making her movie debut the hard way, while commuting from Las Vegas, Nev. During the day Elizabeth works on the Warner lot in Burbank in The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell. After her day's acting is over she motors to the Los Angeles airport and takes a plane back to the Nevada pleasure spot. The reason for this unusual routine is that she is in the process of shedding Frederick Camman, a New York TV director. Se already is through half of the six weeks residence required for a Nevada divorce.

"It's a grueling schedule," she sighed. "I must be seen at least once every 24 hours in Nevada; that's the law. So I've got to get back there by midnight in order to qualify.

"Luckily the film schedule has been arranged so I don't have to be here every day. I work a day, then go back to Las Vegas for a few days. If I do have to stay over for a night here I can make it up at the end of the six weeks."

Elizabeth is 22, with long blond hair, turned up nose and an obvious affection for the acting life.

"I just love actors," she rhapsodized. "I love everything about the acting business. I can't think of anything more fascinating."

This began at an early age, she reported, even though her father kept his family apart from the studio life. She was born in Hollywood. The family moved east five years ago, when Montgomery decided to take a [unreadable] at the budding TV industry.

Shortly afterward she announced her intention of following her father's profession. After being graduated from high school she had applications in for various colleges. But she enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts instead.

"When I told dad about it, he hit the ceiling," she remarked. "But I told him, 'you just want me to go to college because you didn't get to go. Isn't that true?' He had to give in."

— Transcribed by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com in 2008 from the original image.

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