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Daily Review (Hayward, California), 18 Apr 1961, page 24

"Movie Pair 'Commutes' to New York"

New York (UPI) — "People who know me wonder why I'm not running around stark naked," said pretty and perfectly proper, Elizabeth Montgomery.

"But it's amazing how organized I've become with my clothes on both coasts."

Table setting actually is posing more of a problem than clothing for the actress-wife of actor Gig Young, who has made six, trans-continental moves — not counting quick trips — in the four years of their marriage and presently is keeping house more or less simultaneously in both New York and California.

"I wish you could see the silver — two forks and one teaspoon," she said. "We have all that stuff in California, and I'm trying to figure out whether to have it shipped here. But if anything happened to it, I'd die. Maybe I'll just go down to Macy's and buy something."

That's show business these days for countless theatrical housekeepers whose jobs and/or husbands make them virtual commuters between movies and television in Hollywood and theater and TV in New York.

Miss Montgomery professes to have a reputation for disorder, but her double job on two coasts would shatter most well-organized housewives.

Miss Montgomery, a green-eyed, brown-haired young woman in her late 20's with a dimple in her chin and an elusive resemblance to her famous father, Robert Montgomery, has indeed called off some of her own acting career to cope with the situation. She settled in for a long run of Young's Broadway play, "Under the Yum-Yum Tree," and furnished a rambling apartment on E. 36th St. for him to come home to.

"I want to stay with Gig and stay put," she said. "I might, when we're settled, make a quick trip to California for a TV show, but no long separation. That may have been one of the troubles about my first marriage — we weren't together enough. But it goes back, too, to my childhood. I had a feeling of being pulled from place to place. It's not true, really. I spend the school year in California and went East or to Europe in the summer, and it was fun. But there's still something in me that wants roots somewhere."

There also may be a memory of the constant partings — she saw Young off and then cried — in a two-year courtship.

And Miss Montgomery also is a lady in love.

"His career is much more interesting than mine," she said, "probably because he's a great pleasure to watch on that stage!"

Meanwhile — it's almost time to wonder, in which closet, in which state, are the summer clothes?

— Transcribed by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com in 2008 from the original image.

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