Elizabeth II, Queen of England

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Elizabeth II, Queen of England from 1952

Elizabeth was born 21 Apr 1926 as the daughter of George who would later become King, by his wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. George her father was not the eldest surviving son and so had no pretensions to become king. George's elder brother Edward had been Prince of Wales for decades. Edward however, after becoming king in 1936, abdicated that same year so that he could marry his lover Wallis Warfield. Edward and Wallis were then given the titles "The Duke and Duchess of Windsor", and George, the second son, became King instead. George was King from 1936 to 1952, his wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, a commoner, became Queen.

Elizabeth succeeded her father, upon his death in 1952. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon her mother, then became the "Queen Mother" (also called Dowager Queen), and lived to the extraordinary age of 102 dying in 2002. Elizabeth married Philip a prince of Greece who took the name Mountbatten in homage to his uncle. Philip was not of Greek ethnic origin, his family ruled Greece but were mostly of German ancestry.

Philip and Elizabeth had four children:

  • Charles Philip Arthur Windsor born 14 Nov 1948, Duke of Wales. He married firstly Diana Spencer by whom two children William and Henry; and married secondly Camilla Rosemary Shand;
  • Anne Elizabeth Alice Windsor, Princess Royal married Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips, by whom two children Peter and Zara;
  • Andrew Windsor, Duke of York married Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York by whom two children, Beatrice and Eugenie
  • Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

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