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Flud Mitchell (1757-1839)


Early life

Flud Mitchell was born 10 Feb 1757 in Brunswick County, Virginia. (This site has some history of this county.) We know both his birthdate and birthplace, by his deposition dated 30 Nov 1832 in Limestone County, Alabama where he was then living, and from where he applied for a Revolutionary War Pension. In this deposition he states specifically "I was born in Brunswick County, Virginia Feb 10, 1757, according to the records from my family record kept by my parents. I do not know what has become of my parents. I am known by Charles Hodges, Clergyman, and Reuben Tilman."

Revolutionary War Service

In this application he states that he "...volunteered 12 Jul 1775 and served two years with Col. Thomson and Capt. Purvis". Another Pension Application here confirms that Purvis was a Capt in South Carolina. Apparently (see the bottom of this page), Captain Purvis commanded a company of Rangers within the 3rd South Carolina Regiment which itself was initially commanded by Col William Thompson. The 3rd was raised at the 96th District Court House in Jun 1775, just a month before Flud joined. We see that he would have just turned 18, making it very likely that his family was, at this time, living in or near the 96th Judicial District.

Three trees submit to the Ancestry World Tree state that Flud Mitchell by his wife, there given as Sarah Bennett, had a son John Mitchell born about 1775. The trees do not provide adequate documentation for this fact, so I'm unsure of it, but give it here as is.

There is a deed dated 14 Feb 1778 from "Flood Mitchell of Granville County, South Carolina" to John Dugger for 233 acres. Flood states that he next "...enlisted again in 1778 under Capt. Hammond and Capt. Jones and served in an expedition against the Creek Indians."

On an existing jury list from the 96th Judicial District, South Carolina for 1778-9 we find the name of Flud Mitchell. Flood states "...After this, I served six months as a volunteer and spy under Capt. Jones and Pulaski, was in the Battle of Sullivan's Island and several with the Indians and Tories. After this campaign I returned to my native Virginia and resided in Brunswick County until the close of the war."

Since the Battle of Sullivan's Island was fought on 28 Jun 1776, we see that his chronology is a bit muddled. He must have fought at Sullivan's Island while under Thomson and Purvis.

Move to Alabama

The next part of his deposition is even more muddled. Apparently he left South Carolina, and returned to Virginia "until the close of the war", where he remained in Brunswick County. Once the war was over, he returned to Edgefield County, South Carolina for a time, then went to Burke County, Georgia for two years, then back to Edgefield. Finally in 1809 he immigrated to what was then Madison County in the Mississippi Territory, by 1811 this area was being called "Madison County, Alabama", but in 1818 became, and now is, Limestone County, Alabama. Flud Mitchell "of Limestone County, Alabama" traveled in Sep 1819 to Lincoln County, Tennessee to give an affidavit there in the Pension Application case of his fellow-soldier John Jackson.

Other People

Flud Mitchell states that he is known by Charles Hodges, clergyman. This would appear to be the same Charles Hodges who, in OneWorldTree here was married to Mary "Polly" Milhous and had at least or exactly eight children, all born in Limestone County, Alabama. This source tells us that Mary Milhous and Charles Hodges were married in the Mississippi Territory on 27 Jan 1816. Charles is supposed to have been born in Tennessee, but Mary in South Carolina.

So it's possible from this, that the Milhous family came to the Mississippi Territory from South Carolina about the same time as Flud Mitchell did. Perhaps indicating some sort-of relationship. The Ancestry World Tree entry "John Milhous" by Ferman Blalock database :470322, states that the Milhous family came from Camden District, Kershaw County, South Carolina where they were until at least 1807, but had moved to the Mississippi Territory by 1816 when their child Mary is married there.


Flud Mitchell is listed in the 1830 Limestone County, Alabama census. In 1832 he applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War Service and it was granted, retroactive to 1831, at $80 per year. Flood is on the Pension Roll of 1835, but he is apparently dead by the time of the 1840 census. Flud died between 29 Apr 1839 when he collected his own pension in person, and 23 Oct 1839 when his will was presented to court.

Flud left a will dated 24 Apr 1835, presented to court 23 Oct 1839. This is found in Will Book 5, page 360 in Limestone County, Alabama. The will lists five sons and four daughters, including one granddaughter "Lourane Mitchell infant child of Sarah Scruggs". Randolph and Floodie were executors.

Marriage and Offspring

Flud is said to have married only once to a Sarah Adams or Sarah Bennett, or perhaps she was a widow.

My client gives me this set of offspring, from her notes:

  1. Randolph born about 1786 died 13 Sep 1840- never married, said to have a terrible temper. Died in Madison county, Alabama
  2. Daniel born about 1788 died about 1835; married in 1819 to Martha Rutledge; moved to Monroe county, Mississippi and died there;
  3. James born 11 Mar 1790; died 15 May 1850; see James Mitchell married Elizabeth Millhouse [sic] 24 Oct 1812 in Madison County, Alabama;
  4. Elizabeth born about 1794 died 12 Sep 1868 never married;
  5. Rebekah born about 1794 died 12 Sep 1867 married Jacob Tyrone;
  6. John S. 1796 died after 1880; married Susanna Hargrove
  7. Sarah born about 1798; married James Scruggs (they were in Mississippi)
  8. Mary born 1800 married Benjamin Hargrove
  9. Floode or Floodie born 18 Apr 1801; died 22 Dec 1854; married Drucilla Bledsoe.

Primary Sources

Secondary sources

  • "James Adams, Sr & wife Sarah" by SearchingFamily@aol.com
  • "Flud Mitchell" on OneWorldTree
  • Ancestry.com. Alabama Revolutionary War Soldiers [database on-line. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: Alabama Department of Archives and History. Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama. Montgomery, AL, USA: The Brown Printing Co., 1911.]
  • "Lure & Lore of Limestone Co, AL", page 33, says, "Flood Mitchell served in the rev. War & moved to SC where he md Sarah Adams, d/o James & Sarah Adams. Flood lived in Edgefield Co, SC & owned land where Turkey Creek runs into the Savannah river. His children were Randolph, Daniel, & James."

Further reading

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  • Flud left a will dated 24 Apr 1835, probate 23 Oct 1839. This is found in Will Book 5, page 360 in Limestone County, Alabama. Will Book 5 is supposed to be on FHL US/CAN Film #1035138
  • Mitchell DNA project
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