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A now defunct promotional company that was based in Chicago. Harper Landon Weiss was formed as a joint-partnership between Charley Harper, (somebody) Landon, and Steven E Weiss. Landon was bought out early. About 1985/6 the agency was purchased by one of their clients, and shortly afterward was dismantled or imploded.

Charley Harper is the son of Paul C Harper Jr, the former chairman of Needham Harper Worldwide in New York City, and is the brother of Jessica Harper the actress.

Steven Weiss was in 2002 with DraftWorldwide, New York.


  • "Agencies Who's News: Executive Shuffle at Cyrk" "...In other moves, Steve Weiss joined the company as executive creative director for Integrated Marketing Solutions, Cyrk's New York-based agency division.... Weiss began at J. Walter Thompson, where he worked on The Jovan/Rolling Stones Lips Over America Tour, then managed his own agency - Harper Landon Weiss in Chicago - and later worked at Chiat/Day. He went on to become director of concept development at Clarion Marketing and worldwide creative director at Einson Freeman. Before joining Cyrk, he ran Creative Source International's London office."
  • "Draft Worldwide Wins Sara Lee Promotion", 1 May 2002, Direct Magazine, "...DraftWorldwide New York... Steven Weiss, senior executive president-creative director promotions."
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