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Henry Feilding, the famous author, was born 22 Apr 1707, the son of Lt Gen Edmund Feilding and his wife Sarah Gould. Henry Feilding descends in 14 steps from the English throne, and also in 13 steps from Piers Gaveston.

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Sarah Gould was the daughter of Henry Gould, Knt of Sharpam Park (near Walton), Somersetshire, Judge of the King's (and Queen's) Bench from 1698. Henry Gould was born in 1644, was heir of his father Andrew Gould of Winsham, and died in his chambers, Serjeant's Inn, Chancery Lane, London 16 Mar 1710. Henry Gould had married a Miss Davidge, as in addition to Sarah, and a son William Gould, his heir was Davidge Gould who married Honora Hockmore of Buckland Baron, Devonshire, by which they became parents to that Henry Gould the younger born 1710 who was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Lt Gen Edmund Feilding was the youngest son of his father John Feilding, DD, Canon of Salisbury by his wife Bridget Cokayne daughter of Scipio Cokayne by a Miss Finch. Scipio Cokayne was the son of Thomas Cokayne of Shengay by his wife Dorothy Ansell daughter of Nicholas Ansell of Barford. The Ancestral File on FamilySearch states that Scipio was born "about 1604".

John Feilding, DD was the youngest son of his father George Feilding, 1st Earl of Desmond by his wife Bridget Stanhope, co-heiress of her father Sir Michael Stanhope, Knt of Sudbourne (d 1621) by his wife Anne Reade.

John Feilding, D.D., is of royal descent. In his pedigree we find the following persons, and I list how many steps back we must take to hit a throne:

  • 16 William Feilding (non-royal)
  • 17 Dorothy Land (8 steps)
  • 18 Sir Walter Aston, Knt of Tixal, Staffordshire (14 steps)
  • 19 Elizabeth Leveson (non-royal)
  • 20 William Villiers (22 steps)
  • 21 Colette Clarke (non-royal)
  • 22 Anthony Beaumont of Glenfield (8 steps)
  • 23 Anne Armstrong (non-royal)
  • 24 Edward Stanhope of Rampton (non-royal)
  • 25 Aveline Clifton (11 steps)
  • 26 Nicholas Rawson of Aveley, Essex (non-royal)
  • 27 Beatrice Cooke (11 steps)
  • 28 unknown
  • 29 Anne Fernley (non-royal)
  • 30 unknown
  • 31 unknown
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