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Guy Madison
Troy Donahue
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"Henry Willson became the first agent to be accepted into the Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills, California. At age 67, he died there in 1976, and since he had been admitted as a charity case, there was money for a Styrofoam coffin and a plot at Valhalla Cemetery in the San Fernando Valley but not a tombstone. In the end, the man who named Rock Hudson as well as Lana Turner, Guy Madison, Rhonda Fleming, Rory Calhoun, Tab Hunter, John Saxon, Troy Donahue and Chad Everett has no name on his own grave." (PGW excerpt)
saxonn01.jpgCAL%20BOLDER.jpeg"Willson represented some big female stars in addition to Hudson: Natalie Wood, Joan Fontaine and Lana Turner, whom he discovered. (He also saw the potential in Montgomery Clift and Alain Delon, though he failed to sign them on.) But Willson's specialty was handsome, strapping young men, each of whom he rechristened with some preposterously butch moniker: Guy Madison (who inspired a journalist to coin the term "beefcake"), Troy Donahue, John Saxon, Rad Fulton, Race Gentry, Cal Bolder, Clint Connors, etc., even a pair of twins he renamed Dirk and Dack Rambo. Acting ability wasn't required, conventional good looks were a must and willingness to have sex with the ferret-faced Willson was -- while not absolutely necessary -- very, very strongly encouraged. " (http://www.powells.com/review/2005_10_21.html A Review)
John SaxonCal Bolder
By the way, it is not true that Henry discovered Lana Turner. It is true however, that she was one his clients.


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