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Herbert Drysdale Newell (1906-1965)

He was born 1906 in Eureka, Humboldt County, California; the son of Edward Francis Newell by his wife Mary Eliza West.

Married twice, first to Miss Hale by which a son Herbert Collin "Herbie" Newell born 1932; secondly in 1936 Ruth Elizabeth Rose (1918-2003) by which five children, in the following order: William Newell, Rose Newell, Richard Newell, Sheila Newell and Ruth Newell.

He worked for the Pacific Lumber Company for 37 years just prior to his death. Herbert died Jul 1, 1965 in Fields Landing, Humboldt County, California and is buried at Sunset Memorial Park.

Primary sources

  • Obituary from The Humboldt Times, Saturday, 3 July 1965, page 14. "HERBERT D NEWELL"
  • 1930 Census transcribed here.
  • 1920 Census transcribed here.

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