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J. Philip Benkard (1872-1929) Copyright 2006, Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist, All Rights Reserved

John Philip Benkard was the son of James Benkard and Fanny Horton. He graduated from Columbia University in 1894. He married in Dec 1902 to Julia Lynch Olin and they had two children, Phyllis and Elsie, and then divorced Dec 1920 while Julie was in Paris. He was a lieutenant colonel in World War I. In 1921, an article states the he is head of the firm "J.P. Benkard & Co".

In an article May 19, 1926 it is stated that "...Benkard & Co have been members of the Stock Exchange since 1908, and J. Philip Benkard is the senior partner."

His obituary states that he died on Apr 6, 1929 from a heart attack. Beside his daughter Elsie, he had a son Philip Benkard Jr (1927-) by his last marriage to Ann Swinburne. One obit states that he was in his 57th year.

His will left his widow in charge of his estates, but after her death, his son Philip "...is to get three-fourths of the income for life, and Elsie Benkard, the testator's daughter by a previous marriage, gets the income of the other fourth."(New York Times, Apr 11, 1929 pg 18) He left an estate appraised at $1.43 million, with debts of $718 thousand for a net of $603 thousand.(New York Times, Dec 18, 1930 pg 9)

His widow maintained a home at 625 Park Avenue (New York Times, Jan 8, 1939 pg 48). A widow for twenty years, she married Aug 1949 to Charles Andrews Munroe, retired financier.(New York Times, Aug 13, 1949, pg 9). The widow Ann Swinburne Ditchburn born in Eugene, Oregon, came to New York in 1904, died Nov 1973 in New York, age 87. (New York Times, Nov 21, 1973 pg 40)

Original documents

  • New York Times, May 17, 1928; pg 25 "In Paris, May 16, after a short illness, Phyllis, elder daughter of J. Philip Benkard, and Julia Olin Chanler."
  • New York Times Apr 7, 1929; pg 1 J. Philip Benkard, Broker, Striken in Parade, Ex-Lieutenant Colonel Dies in Ambulance

Secondary sources

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