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I'm looking for Crash Craddock aka James Craddock, who I used to work with several years ago. Contact me! I need a reference for a job!

I first met Crash when I was a contract programmer with Synapse Computer Solutions of Hayward. Crash worked at Sierra West Electronics in Milpitas as their head of operations or some similar title. During our final year working together, we discussed starting a new joint venture called flippinlures.com which would be a website where you could buy fish lures.

That didn't work out, and Crash moved on to work at West Marine in Watsonville, which is where he was working back in 2005, the last time I had contact with him. I tried to contact that company but they wouldn't tell me even if he worked there or not. So Crash if you see this, or if anyone knows where he is, ask him to contact me! wjhonson.aol.com

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