James Cudworth

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James Cudworth

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He was baptised 2 Aug 1612 at Aller, Somersetshire, the son of Rev. Ralph Cudworth, Rector of Aller.

He married Mary Parker at Northam, Devonshire, England on 1 Feb 1633/4.

He immigated to New England in 1634 from Aller, Somersetshire, settling first at Scituate.

In 1639 he removed to Barnstaple, then in 1646 he came back to Scituate.

His will was dated 15 Sep 1681 and proved 7 Jul 1682. His bequests were to "eldest son James Cudworth... my son Israel... my son Jonathan... my daughter Marye's four children Israel Whetcomme, Robert, James and Mary... my daughter Joannah Jones." He also mentions that the four grandchildren are not yet 21 years old.

He died at London, late in 1681.



  1. James, bp. Scituate 3 May 1635; m. by 1665 Mary Howland (eldest child b. Scituate 3 June 1665; on 3 Oct 1665), daughter of Henry Howland.
  2. Mary, bp Scituate 23 Jul 1637; m 9 March 1660/1 Robert Whitcomb.
  3. Jonathan, bp Scituate 16 Sep 1638; bur. Scituate 24 Sep 1638.
  4. Israel, bp Barnstable 18 Apr 1641; m by 1678 [blank] (eldest known child b Scituate 17 Oct 1678).
  5. Joanna, bp Barnstable 25 Mar 1643; m by 1681 [blank] Jones. (The will of James Cudworth makes a bequest to "my daughter Joannah Jones.")
  6. "A man child of James Cudworth, unbaptized," bur. Barnstable 24 Jun 1644
  7. Jonathan, b say 1646; m Scituate 31 May 1667 Sarah Jackson.


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