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John B Wilson and Jane Reaves, ancestors of President William J Clinton

This page written and copyright 2008-9 by Will Johnson,, Professional Genealogist.

John B Wilson was born 26 Oct 1791 "on Green River" in Green County, Kentucky. His future wife Jane Reaves was born on 16 Apr 1799 evidently the daughter of William Reeves and Susan Hunter.

They had twelve children:

  1. Esther Wilson, born 16 Mar 1818, died 5 Sep 1818 on the Big Red River in Missouri Territory (now part of Hempstead County, Arkansas).
  2. Clarinda Wilson, born 11 Dec 1821, married Martin Adams on 31 Oct 1839 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. He died 1885/6 and she was yet living. This couple is ancestral to President William J Clinton
  3. Thomas Franklin Wilson, born 12 Nov 1822, married Martha Lee by 1849. They had two children Clarinda "Clara", and Rebecca. This couple is ancestral to myself.
  4. Henry Green Wilson, born 13 Jul 1826, married first Elizabeth Garrison on 26 Jul 1852, married second Sarah McKnight on 19 Mar 1860, married third Hannah Dixon on 31 Aug 1863
  5. George Langford Wilson, born 27 Mar 1827, possibly moved to Curry County, Oregon by 1880.
  6. William Hickman Wilson, born 21 Mar 1828, died 20 Aug 1834
  7. Jonathan Sanders Wilson, born 10 Jan 1830, living in 1850
  8. Harvey Young Wilson, born 10 Jan 1830, married Elizabeth Garrison. Married secondly unknown woman.
  9. James Webb Wilson, born 22 May 1832, married Susan T A Armstrong in 1865 in Trinity County, California, moved to Curry County, Oregon by 1870. He died 14 Dec 1897 at Bandon, Coos County, Oregon, she was yet living in 1910 in Crescent City, California.
  10. Olympus Mackey Wilson, born 1 Oct 1834, married Sallie McGuire on 7 Feb 1869. He died 9 Apr 1879 possibly in Gonzales County, Texas.
  11. Larkin Clawson "Lake" Wilson born 5 May 1837. He married firstly Rebecca Throckmorton on 22 Apr 1862 at Pilot Grove, Grayson County, Texas. They had four children. He married secondly Mary Josephine "Jo" Wilson on 1 May 1872 possibly in Fannin County, Texas and had three more children.
  12. Rebecca Anne Wilson born 23 Jan 1841, living in 1850.
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