John Snodgrass (b 1848 Kentucky)

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John Snodgrass born May 1848 in Kentucky married Mrs Josephine "Josie" (Smith) Beadle (1861-1926), who had a daughter Grace and a son Roy from her prior marriage. Together they had a son Clyde Snodgrass born Sep 1897 in Joplin, Missouri.

John died probably there, and between 1910 and 1920 where Josie appears as a widow. She died shortly before 9 June 1926 at Joplin, Missouri.


  • Fayetteville Daily Democrat, 9 June 1926, page 6, "J E Smith Loses Two Sisters, Brother within Short Time" : "J E Smith of Wheeler...returned from Joplin where they attended the funeral of one of Mr Smith's sisters, Mrs Jose A Snodgrass... Mrs Snodgrass is survived by a daughter Miss Grace B Beadle of Joplin and by two sons Roy Beadle of Carl Junction and Clyde Snodgrass of Joplin...."
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