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John Spencer

John Spencer was born in 1734, the son of the Honorable John Spencer of Althorp by his wife Georgianna Carteret. He was called Viscount Althorp, but later became the 1st Earl Spencer.

John married Georgianna Poyntz (1737-80) and they became the parents of among others, two lines that culminate separately in Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales and in Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

John Spencer and his wife Georgianna Poyntz are in position 64 and 65 in Diana's ancestor table, and also in position 302 and 303 in Sarah's table.


Ancestor Table

  1. John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer
  2. John Spencer of Althorp
  3. Georgianna Carteret
  4. Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of /Sunderland/
  5. Anne /Churchill/
  6. John, 2nd Lord Carteret, Earl /Granville/
  7. Frances /Worsley/
  8. Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of /Sunderland/
  9. Anne /Digby/
  10. John Churchill, 1st Duke of /Marlborough/ 1702-
  11. Sarah /Jennings/
  12. George, 1st Baron /Carteret/
  13. Grace, Countess /Granville/
  14. Robert /Worsley/ , 4th Bnt
  15. Frances /Thynne/
  16. Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of /Sunderland/
  17. Dorothy /Sydney/
  18. George Digby, Lord of Digby 1641-, and 2nd Earl of /Bristol/ 1658-66-
  19. Anne /Russell/
  20. Winston /Churchill/ , Knt of Glanville Wotton
  21. Elizabeth /Drake/
  22. Richard /Jennings/ of Sandridge, Hertfordshire
  23. Frances /Thornhurst/
  24. Philip /Carteret/ , Knt
  25. Jemima /Montagu/
  26. John Granville, 1st Earl of /Bath/
  27. Jane /Wyche/
  28. Robert /Worsley/ , Knt, of Appuldercombe, 3rd Baronet
  29. Mary /Herbert/
  30. Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath, 3rd Viscount /Weymouth/
  31. Frances /Finch/
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