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John Wood (1821-1899)

Born Sep 1821 in Greenwich, England to Thomas Wood a Leather Tanner.

He came to Quebec from England sometime after the War of 1837, settling first at La Prairie, Quebec where he was a Leather Tanner and Captain of the Militia (Military Service). He first appears in my records when he marries on 24 Dec 1843 in St Luke's Anglican Church at La Prairie to Josephine Lalande dit Latreille. Their first four children were born there and baptised at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Montreal.

In 1851 the family moved to the area that would later become the town of Roxton Falls, Quebec, where the rest of their 14 children were born and baptised, and where he was again the Captain of a Military unit of fifty men.

In 1863 he was elected the first Mayor of Roxton Falls, a position he held until 1880. At one time his leather tannery employed 30 people. He retired from his occupation as a Leather Tanner in 1888.

Thanks to the unslacking devotion of John Wood, mayor of Roxton Falls, the first goods train of South Eastern Townships Railways made it's appearance in 1877.

He died 16 Jul 1899 in Acton Vale,Quebec, Canada and is buried at the Cemetery of St Mark, Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada


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