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E-mail received 28 Aug 2008 from Chris Smithson

Hi Will --

I have the following death certificates and marriage certificates in my hands:

Joseph H. Biden [b. 14 Jun 1893, at Baltimore City, MD - d. 26 Sep 1941, at Baltimore City, MD] buried at Loudon Park Cemetery. Parents: Harry H. Biden born in Baltimore City, MD and Mary E. Ledell born in Baltimore City, MD. [SSN 170-10-3023]

Moses Robinette [d. 17 Jan 1903, at Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD age 85]

Robert Theodore Liddell was born 4 January 1844 in Baltimore, MD to John Little and Emiline (Emily) Wooden. (John was born Abt 1809 in England, and Emily Abt 1812 in Baltimore, MD). Robert died 4 Oct 1914 in Baltimore. Buried in Baltimore Cemetery.

Susan E Bomberger Liddell was born 9 May 1844 in Baltimore, and died 25 July 1924 in a Methodist Church Home for the aged in Baltimore, MD. Her parents were John Harnage Bomberger and Susan Launderslager. Buried in Baltimore Cemetery

Joseph Biden [d. 2 Jun 1895, at 1329 W. Lombard Street in Baltimore City, MD age 67] - Born in Baltimore County; Buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Cemetery - no stone.

Mary A. Randle [d. 15 Aug 1902 at Kingsville, Baltimore County, MD age 89 - Parents George Shoemaker and Rachel Herbert

Rachel Shoemaker [d. 10 Apr 1883 at 249 Sharp Street, Baltimore City, MD age 94] - born in Baltimore City [historically in Baltimore County - City was not formed under 1851.] Buried at Mt. Olivet Methodist Cemetery - No stone.

George H. Robinette [b. 1845 in WV - d. 2 Apr 1914 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore City, MD] Buried at Loudon Park Cemetery - Parents Jno Robinette born in VA and UNKNOWN born in VA.

Mary E. Robinette [b. 27 Aug 1862 in OH - d. 5 Jan 1930, at 4012 Edmundson Ave., Baltimore City, MD] - Buried at Loudon Park Cemetery - Parents John Hanafre [sic] born in Ohio and UNKNOWN born in Ohio.


Thomas H. Randall to Mary Ann Shoemaker dated 9 Jun 1830 in Baltimore County, MD

William Biden to Mary Elkin dated 13 Feb 1832 in Baltimore County, MD

Moses G. Robinette to Jane E. Pomphrey dated 24 Jun 1838 in Allegany County, MD

George T. Biden to Emma Liddell dated 8 Mar 1889 in Baltimore City, MD

Joseph H. Biden to Mary E. Robinette dated 27 Nov 1914 in Baltimore City, MD


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