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Lewis S. Chanler Weds Mrs. Benkard

The New York Times, May 25, 1921; pg 14 Lewis S. Chanler Weds Mrs. Benkard

Ex-Lieut. Governor of New York Marries Divorced Wife of J. Philip Benkard in Paris

Guarded With Secrecy

Mr. Chanler Was Divorced in Paris From His First Wife, Who Was Alice Chamberlain.

—Word has been received from Paris telling of the marriage of Mrs. Julia L. Benkard of this city and former Lieut. Gov. Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, which took place privately in Paris on Monday. Much secrecy surrounded the marriage. It was learned however, that Miss Lillian Hunt and Colonel Philip M. Lydig were the witnesses.

—The marriage does not come as a surprise to society, as the engagement has been current for some time among the American colony in Paris and the ceremony was expected some weeks ago, according to a dispatch from that city.

—The bride, before her first marriage to J. Philip Benkard, was Miss Julia L. Olin, second daughter of Stephen B. Olin. Her mother died in 1882, the present Mrs. Olin being a daughter of the late Oliver Harriman and a sister of Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt.

—She was married to Mr. Benkard in December, 1902, and they have two children, Phyllis and Elsie, who have been abroad with their mother. It was in Paris last December that she received her divorce decree from Mr. Benkard, who is head of the brokerage firm of J. P. Benkard & Co. of 61 Broadway.

—Mr. Chanler is the son of the late John Winthrop Chanler, and is a great-grandson of the original John Jacob Astor. He is 52 years old. His first wife was Miss Alice Chamberlain of Red Hook, N.Y. and they had three children. Miss Alida Chanler, who married W. Christian Bohn; L.S. Chanler Jr., who married Miss Leslie Murray, and W.C. Chanler, who has been living with his mother at the Hotel Chatham. They were divorced in Paris some months ago.

—Mr. Chanler studied law at Columbia, and after being admitted to the bar he attended Cambridge University, England, later taking up the practice of criminal law in this city. In the Winter of 1897 he went to Ireland and campaigned with the Parnellite party for the Home Rule cause, resuming his legal work here three years later. He entered politics in Dutchess County in 1897, and in 1896 he was elected Lieutenant Governor of the State.

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