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Julie Harris, US Actress, born 2 Dec 1925, who played in East of Eden, Reflections in a Golden Eye, A Doll's House and The Haunting (among others). She has won five Tony awards, and three Emmy awards.

harris.jpg Julia Ann Harris was born 2 Dec 1925 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, the daughter of Elsie L. Smith, a nurse, and her husband William Pickett Harris, an investment banker.

Her screen debut was in 1952 in The Member of the Wedding.

In the 1955 movie East of Eden, Julie is a young girl engaged to Aaron Trask (played by Richard Davalos), but realizing that she is really in love with his brother Cal Trask (played by James Dean).

In 1959, she co-starred with Christopher Plummer in A Doll's House.

In the 1963 movie The Haunting Julie plays Eleanor, a daughter who nursed her mother until her mother died. Her resentment about that is a focal point affecting the poltergeists and other spirits in the house that her parapsychology group is investigating.

In the 1967 movie Reflections in a Golden Eye, Julie is the wife of the commander of the base, trying to recover from madness. While Elizabeth Taylor plays the wife of Marlon Brando, their next-door neighbors.

Royal Ascent

Julie Ann Harris has a royal ascent as follows:

  1. Julie Ann /Harris/
  2. William Pickett /Harris/ , Jr (b 1897)
  3. William Pickett /Harris/ (b 1868/9)
  4. Mary Gindrat /Pickett/ (b 1841)
  5. Sarah Smith /Harris/ (m 1832)
  6. Mary Drew /Alston/ (b 1784)
  7. Col Philip /Alston/
  8. Joseph John /Alston/ (1702-80)
  9. Col John /Alston/ (1673-1754/8)
  10. John /Alston/ (d 1704)
  11. Dorothy /Temple/ (bur 1668)
  12. Dorothy /Lee/ (d 1625)
  13. Dorothy /Browne/ (will 1653)
  14. Anthony /Browne/ (1552-92)
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