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Email sent Feb 27, 2007 by James Dixmont to GEN-MEDIEVAL, "Re: Kenneth MacAlpin, Rex Pictorum"

Cinead (Kenneth) mac Alpin, Rex Pictorum et Scotiae died 858 was the ancestor of every English King from Empress Maud (mother of King Henry II) on down. two Kings were Rex Pictorum et Scotiae before Cinead, namely Constantine I mac Fergus (ruled over the Picts about 784 until his death in 820 and used the title Rex Scotiae 819-820 and his brother Aengus II Mac Fergus 820-834. who may have been Cinead`s great-grandfather, a daughter (or sister) being wife of Eochaid IV Annuine, Rex Scotiae died 819, the father by her of Alpin who was killed in a battle against his uncle (or cousin) Eoganan mac Aengus between 834 and 838. Cinead acceded to the throne of the Picts 16 years before his death according to the various Pictish King lists. (W A Cummins "The Age of the Picts" p 18) He was King of Scots for about 6 years before that, so he became King of Picts in about 842 and King of Scots in about 836

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