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Twin brothers Keyontyli Goffney and Taleon Goffney, aged 26, who have "appeared in hardcore gay-porn online videos" ("Porn twins suspected in cat-burglary spree", Planetout), were arrested in Philadelphia for a roof-top burglary of a beauty shop and suspected in dozens of similar burglaries. "Keyontyli has appeared in gay porn since at least 2002 and worked as a fashion model, while Taleon got involved in porn more recently." (Planetout)

Allegedly, while Keyontyli acted as a lookout, Taleon climed onto the roof of Moon's beauty shop in South Philadelphia, chopped a hole through it (with an ax?) and then he or they stole about $2,000 from an ATM machine inside. What they didn't know is that they were under surveillance. Keyontyli was arrested at the scene, and Taleon shortly afterwards.

Their residence is stated to be in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Keyontyli's Myspace account states that he is "part-African American and part-Thai".

During an interview with Keyontyli, shortly after his arrest, he stated that both he and his mother acted as look-out while Taleon broke in to various places. (see here) Based on this, and continuing investigation, later, their mother was also arrested and charged with acting as a look-out and also receiving stolen merchandise. Keyontyli and the mother Towana were out-on-bail (as of Apr/May), but Taleon was still being held as he also faced weapons and drug charges. This was not Taleon's first brush with the law, he having been arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine and a loaded handgun in 2006. (see here)

The prosecutor is Caroline Keating, while Towana's attorney is Jeremy Ibrahim. (see here)


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