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Lester Allen McCracken, one of the first chiropractors in Washington State, along with his chiropractor wife Viola Faye Ritchie.

Lester Allen McCracken

Lester Allen McCracken was born 2 Aug 1894 in Oregon, in Salem, Marion County; son of John P Blanton and Mary Charlotte Lindgren. Lester's father died in 1899, while he was a boy, Mary remarried Levi McCracken, a widower with a son of his own, and Levi adopted Mary's two boys changing their surname to McCracken.

He married Viola Faye Ritchie in Salem. Lester claimed an exemption from the WWI draft on account of being a member of the "Friends" (Quakers). He and his wife together studied chiropracty in Iowa, being there in 1920. Returning sometime before 1930 to live in Washington they became two of the first chiropractors licensed to practice in that state. They lived in the area of Montesano, Grays Harbor County, Washington for the remainders of their lives.

Lester and his wife Faye had two children, both girls: Ethelyn Marie McCracken in 1922 and Beverly McCracken in 1926.

Lester died in Aberdeen on 4 Dec 1979 but was at that time a resident of the nearby town of Montesano.

John P Blanton

Mary Charlotte Lindgren

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