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Lilburn Wycliff Boggs (14 Dec 1796-14 Mar 1860))

He was born in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky on 14 Dec 1796.

At St Louis, Missouri in 1816, Boggs married his first wife Julia Ann Bent, a sister of the Bent brothers of "Bent's Fort" fame. She died at an early age. They had two children Angus and Henry.

He was then married in 1823 in Callaway County, Missouri to Panthea Grant Boone, and had several children in Missouri. The oldest Thomas was born in 1824 in Bates County, Missouri, all the rest save one where born in Jackson County, Missouri. The exception was George, the last child who was born in Cole County, Missouri.

Here he is in 1830:
1830 Census Jackson County, Missouri
Lilburn W Boggs 122001-10011
males: 0-5 1; 5-10 2; 10-15 2; 30-40 1
females: 0-5 1; 15-20 1; 20-30 1

On this same page is a Robert Fowler whom ancestry doesn't seem to have indexed.

Lilburn Boggs was the Governor of Missouri from 1836-1840, during which time he issued the infamous order to the state militia to forcibly expel all Mormons from Missouri. The Mormons lived in Ray County and in Daviess County, Missouri. "From this he became the enemy of the leaders of the Mormon Church, and because of that command, one Porter Rockwell, guard to prophet Joseph Smith, had attempted to kill the governor by shooting at him through a window." (Robert Parmalee, "Pioneer Sonoma").

The Lilburn Boggs family lived in Independence, Missouri where Boggs had a business outfitting traders to Santa Fe and other parts West. Lilburn Boggs and his family came to California, among the overland emigrants, starting West in May 1846. He served as wagonmaster on the trail. He brought with him his second wife Panthea, his son William, as well as William's new bride Sonora Hicklin, the daughter of a wealthy Missouri family. He arrived in Sonoma County in November 1846 and was provided refuge by M G Vallejo at his Petaluma ranch house. There on 4 Jan 1847, Mrs William Boggs gave birth to a son. (Their second child was Angus Maupin Boggs b 1851 at Sonoma.) Lilburn became alcalde of Sonoma replacing John Nash, who was driven out of office in July 1847. At the time of the gold rush Lilburn owned a store. And later 8 Nov 1849 he resigned as alcalde and became the town's postmaster.

1850 Census Sonoma Co, California
Household 117, Family 118 Boggs L.W. 53 M Merchant 1,500 Kentucky
Boggs Panthea 48 F Kentucky
Boggs Albert G. 19 M Clerk Missouri
Boggs John 17 M Clerk Missouri
Boggs Theodore 16 M Missouri
Boggs Minerva M. 14 F Missouri
Boggs Geo. W. 11 M Missouri
Boggs Sophia 9 F Missouri
Boggs Joseph C. 5 M Missouri

1850 Census Sonoma Co, California
Household 73, Family 74
Boggs Wm. M. 24 M Recorder 16,000 Missouri
Boggs Sonora 24 F Missouri
Boggs M.G.V. 3 M California
Boggs Lilburn W Jr 2 M California

Lilburn Boggs accepted an appointment as state assemblyman from the Sonoma District in 1852. In 1855 he retired to live on a ranch in Napa County, where he died in 1860. "His son, William Boggs, a real estate dealer, resided in Sonoma until 1863, when he followed his father to Napa. Years later he became a leader of the Sonoma Pioneer Society, serving in 1873 as it's president." (Robert Parmalee, ibid)

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