Lincoln County, Tennessee

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Lincoln County, Tennessee

From the book Heritage of Lincoln County, Tennessee, Page 1 :

"Before 1806, the area around LCT was a wilderness and uninhabited. There may have been a little scouting into the area from N. Alabama, the Mississippi Territory, but no settlers.

"The first official record we find of persons in the area was in early 1806 when a survey party led by a young surveyor named James Bright, who had been given the job by his uncle, William P. Anderson, then living in Nashville.

"Any serious discussion of the birth of this county should first be prefaced by an examination and discussion of the events that led up to the arrival of the first civilized man upon the soil of the area that is now called Lincoln County TN. In the late 1700's a large contingent of about 100 men, called the Commission Guard, operating under the orders from N.C.State Legislature, went south from the French Lick, now Nashville, down through Williamson , Marshall and the western part of Lincoln Co to a hill called " Latitude Hill" that was located a short distance west of Dellrose on the north bank of Elk River.

"This vast reservation was to be used by the mother State of N.C. to fulfill her land obligations she had promised and owed her soldiers of the Continental Line for their service performed during the Revolution just ended.

"This is the first official record of civilized man in Lincoln Co TN. Lincoln Co was established out of Bedford Co in 1809, The old original LCT was formed in 1809 by Act of the General Assembly of TN meeting at Knoxville and was to become effective January 1, 1810.

"The first main road from Fayetteville, ran by the John M. Bright place.Crossed Buchanan Creek past the old Moses and John and Hannah Buchanan places, past the James Crawford Mill road, where John Crawford, a native of Augusta Co VA, had settled by 1807, adj. John Gibson, Rev War soldier, settling on part of 1900 acre grant to David Buchanan that extended from Clayton Lane westward across Cane Creek, northward to Village of Howell.

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