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1920 Muskogee Co, Oklahoma
Brewer Township, 20 Jan 1920, ED 60, Sheet 6B
Dwelling 105, Family 109
Thomas, Clarence, Head, rents home, MW, 22, widower, b AR/GA/GA, Farmer
, Malinda, mother, FW, 63, widow, b GA/US/US
Shores, William, nephew, MW, 18, single, b AR/AR/AR, Farm Labor
Dwelling 106, Family 110
Thomas, John J, Head, rents home, MW, 29, married, b AR/GA/GA, Farmer
, Cora, wife, FW, 27 ?, married, b AR/AR/AR
, Opal, daughter, FW, 7, b AR/AR/AR
, Albert, son, MW, 5 10/12, b AR/AR/AR
, Fred, son, MW 3 2/12, b AR/AR/AR
next house is a William Camell 44 TX and Hattie 36 TX

--extracted from the original image by Will Johnson,

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