Margaret de Quincy to James Cudworth

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Ascent from James Cudworth of Scituate to Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Lincoln

Ascent 1, contributed by Will Johnson

  1. James Cudworth, born 3 May 1635 at Scituate, Massachusetts
  2. General James Cudworth, born 1604 at Aller, Somerset married Mary Parker
  3. Mary Machell married Rev Ralph Cudworth and died Dec 1634 at Aller, Somerset
  4. Mary Lewknor married Matthew Machell
  5. Edward Lewknor born 3 Oct 1521 at Kingston Bewsey, Sussex, died in the Tower of London 6 Sep 1556, married Dorothy Wroth
  6. Margaret Copley, married Edward Lewknor of Kingston Bewsey. He died 7 Jul 1528
  7. Ann Hoo b 1446/7 "age 8 at her father's death", married Roger Copley
  8. Eleanor Welles living 12 Feb 1454/5, married Thomas Lord Hoo and Hastings died 13 Feb 1454/5
  9. Leo (Lionel), 6th Baron Welles, K.G. Born 1406, he was Governor of Ireland 1438-42 and died 29 Mar 1461, married Joan de Waterton d 18 Oct 1434
  10. Eudo, Lord Welles born 1387/9 married Maud de Greystoke
  11. John, Lord Welles of Gainsby b 30 Apr 1352 married Eleanor de Mowbray
  12. Maud de Ros d 9 Dec 1388 married John, 4th Lord Welles d 11 Oct 1361
  13. Margery de Badlesmere d 18 Oct 1363 married William Baron Ros of Helmsley d 3 Feb 1342/3
  14. Margaret de Clare b abt Apr 1286/7 died 1333, married Bartholomew, 1st Baron Badlesmere executed 14 Apr 1322
  15. Thomas de Clare, Lord of Thomond b abt 1245/6, d 29 Aug 1287, married Juliane "filia" Maurice
  16. Maud de Lacy b 1221/5, died 1287/8, married Sir Richard de Clare b 4 Aug 1222 d 15 Jul1262
  17. Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Lincoln married John de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln

Ascent 2, contributed by Merilyn Pedrick

  1. James Cudworth, born 3 May 1635 at Scituate, Massachusetts
  2. Gen. James Cudworth b. 1612 m. Mary Parker
  3. Mary Machell b. 1574 m. Rev. Ralph Cudworth
  4. Mary Lewknor m. 1568 m. Matthew Machell
  5. Edward Lewknor b. 1521 m. Dorothy Wroth
  6. Margaret Copley b. 1469 m. Edward Lewknor
  7. Ann Hoo b. 1447 m. Roger Copley of Roughey, Sussex
  8. Eleanor Welles m. Thomas Hoo, 1st Baron Hoo
  9. Lionel Welles, 6th Baron Welles b. 1406 m. Joan Waterton
  10. Eudo de Welles b. 1421 m. Maud de Greystoke
  11. Lady Eleanor Mowbray b. 1364 m. John de Welles, 5th Lord Welles
  12. John, 4th Lord Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk b. 1340 m. Elizabeth de Segrave
  13. John, 3rd Lord de Mowbray of Thirsk b. 1310 m. Joan of Lancaster
  14. John, 2nd Lord de Mowbray b. 1286 m. Aline/Alive de Braose
  15. Rose de Clare m. 1270 m. Roger 1st Baron de Mowbray
  16. Maud de Lacy d. 1287 m. Sir Richard IV de Clare
  17. Margaret de Quincy m. 1221 m. John de Lacy
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