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Michael Taronites, genealogical gateway from European Royalty to the kingdom of Taron

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Ioannes Komnenos was born in 1128, as the son of Andronikos Komnenos, Sebastokrator by his wife Eirene (Ainoiadissa); he was later the Duke of Cyprus. About 1146 he married a woman called "Taronitissa" (that is "from the Taronites family who were anciently from Taron"). This couple had four children, but only two daughters Theodora and Maria had descendants. Those descendants however connect to many if not all the European Royal houses. So this marriage provides a gateway to the kingdom of Taron and thus potentially to the Bagratids.


Secondary sources

Gateways to Medieval England

Agnes Grandison

The Agnes Grandison gateway to Michael Taronites is qualified on the following, Faris' Plantagenet Ancestry, 2nd edition shows the wife of Thomas Bardolf, 2nd Baron as Agnes, likely a daughter of William Grandison. Tim Powys-Lybbe commented on this here by saying "CP Vol I, p. 418 confirms Faris but the CP Corrigenda et Addenda volume, XIV, p. 64, adds that Agnes seems unlikely to have been the da. of William, Seigneur de Grandison." Agnes if she were a daughter of William Grandison by a wife Blanche de Savoy would connect to the house of Savoy who are known to be descendants of Michael Taronites through Jeanne de Montfort who married Louis de Savoy. So sadly we must decide that this connection is spurious until firmer proof of Agnes' parentage can be uncovered.

Jacquetta de Luxembourg

The Jacquetta gateway starts here, go up through Marguerite d'Enghien, Isabeau de Brienne, Hugh Count of Brienne, and you then see Alix, Queen of Jerusalem granddaughter of Maria Komnena granddaughter of the grandson of Michael Taronites. Wikipedia seems to have all her children here. See exactly how she connects here.

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