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Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, wife of Barack Obama, US President-elect. She will become the First Lady when he is sworn in at his inauguration in January, 2009.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

Michelle was born 17 Jan 1964 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the daughter of Fraser Robinson III and his wife Marion Shields, residents of that place. Michelle grew up in Chicago alongwith her slightly older brother Craig. Their father Fraser died there in 1991. On 18 Oct 1992 at Trinity Church, Michelle married Barack Obama. They have two children: Malia born 1997/8, and Sasha born 2000/1.

Fraser Robinson III

Fraser Robinson III was born on 1 Aug 1935 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the son of Fraser C Robinson II and his wife LaVaughn D Johnson, residents of that place. On 27 Oct 1960, in Cook County, he married Marion Shields, also a native of Chicago. They had two children: Craig on 21 Apr 1962 and Michelle on 17 Jan 1964. Fraser Robinson died in 1991 in Chicago.

Marian Shields

Marian Shields on 27 Oct 1960 in Cook County married Fraser Robinson III. They had two children. Fraser died in 1991 in Chicago.

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