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New York Times, 28 Feb 1905

Mrs. E.B.C. Anderson Dead Widow of Gen. Robert Anderson, the Hero of Fort Sumter.

"Mrs Eliza Bayard Clinch Anderson, widow of Gen. Robert Anderson, the hero of Fort Sumter, died at her residence in Washington Saturday. She was the daughter of Gen. Duncan Lamont Clinch, United States Army, and Eliza Bayard Mackintosh. Her grandfather was John Houston Mackintosh, son of George Mackintosh and Ann Houston, daughter of Sir Patrick Houston, President of his Majesty's Council of Georgia. Her grandmother was Eliza Bayard, daughter of Nicholas Bayard, Alderman of New York, and Catherine Livingston, daughter of Peter Van Burgh Livingston and Mary Alexander.

"When the attack on Fort Sumter began Mrs. Anderson, who then was living in New York, distinguished herself by seeking out a faithful Sergeant who had been with her husband in Mexico, and in person escorting him through the enemy's country to the besieged fortress, where he became the personal attendant of her husband."

-transcribed 2008 from the original image, by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

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