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Abstract of the last will of Mt. Etna Tackett Sr. ____________ From files of The Tackett Fam. Assn. ___________ LAST WILL [of Mount Etna Tackett]: Arkansas Co., AR Wills; Will Record B page 104; [abstract by Jim W. Tackitt] [written Aug 1864]

In the name of God Amen, I, Mount Etny Tackett of the County of Arkansas and state of Arkansas being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make this my last will & Testament as follows, to wit:

1st: I wish all my just debts paid which are as follows: a. I owe J. Lappring (?) $240; b. to John Lann (?) $100; c. to Cook & Norton (in Memphis) $160.60 for which they have my note. d. to Sims Woods in Confederate money, $200

2nd: To my "dear daughter" Alpha Hibbert all the land I own in Philips Co., Mooney Twp. and state of Arkansas, containing about 3,200 acres; To my said daughter, Alpha Hibbert one Negro girl about nine years old named Julia; one mare running on lower end of Little Prairie.

3rd: I do hereby give & bequeath to my "Dear son" Mount Etny Tackett all the [land] I now reside on, which is as follows [long description of property bounds including: 80 acres, 80 acres, 320 acres, 160 acres; I also bequeath to my said son, M.E. Tackett Jr., all my Negros except Julia, say "Thomas, Margret, Will, Mariah & Albert, slaves for life & all the live stock belonging to any such residence say Cows and Calves, work Oxen, Mules, Hogs, Goats, etc. etc.; also all the beds and bedding except one; all the farming utensils & shop tools."

[4th]: I also give and bequeath to Delilah the following land [long description, containing: 80 acres] and one mare named Lucy & one bed and bedding.

[5th]: to my Neice, Emely Honewell, 40 acres land [described] and horse named Warneaple.

[6th]: to Clara Phelps, my former wife, I don't give anything, she having already been paid her alimony; Leander Smith, her son, I don't give anything he having already been advanced.

As witness my hand and seal this [blank] day of August, 1864. [Signed] M.E. Tackett. Attest: Isaac Hostetter, W.H. McClannahan & G.L. Tackett. Filed for Record, 8 July 1867. [Said Will being recorded in the County Clerk's Office in the Sou. Dist. of Ark. Co., AR, in Will Record B page 104.]

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