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Mount Etna Tackett

Mount Etna Tackett was born about 1808 in Kentucky. By 1838 he was taxed in Mooney Township, Phillips County, where he appears on the Tax List, and where in 1840 he is enumerated on the Federal Census. On the same census page, we see his probable brother on line 17 "Posy Tackett 100042-30002", living next to his probable brother-in-law on line 18 "William L Hardin 10001-0001" who had married Cindila Tackett on 23 Apr 1835 in Phillips County.

In 1860, in the land office of Helena, as "Mount Etna Tackett of Phillips County", he entered 80 acres by Cash Entry, at E1/2SW S21-T6S-R2W. This land sits a quarter-section above E P's land, but a year later in 1861, Mount Etna came back and bought that intermediate quater-section as well. You can see how the lands of George Tacket, Mount Etna Tacket and Edmond P G Tackett intersect here.

Also in 1860 Mount Etna Tackette is listed on the Slave Schedules as owning 5 slaves who were enumerated in Lagrew township, Arkansas County

Primary documents

  • 1850 Census of Mooney Township, Phillips County, Arkansas showing "Mt Etna Tackitt, 41, b KY; Delia 31 b KY". Note that the woman here would apparently be that same Delia Henson who he is shown as marrying 5 years later. Also the children appear to be mixed around and I have no explanation for that yet.
  • The last will and testament of Mt. Etna Tackett, submitted by Betty Brown, and transcribed here
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