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  • Knol Biography Portal, by Will Johnson
    • This portal serves as the main entrance to Knol Biography. From here you can access, in various ways, all the...
  • Will Johnson, by Will Johnson
    • Professional Genealogist and Biographer
  • Biography Index, by Will Johnson
    • This page indexes every biographical article at Knol. If you have written or know of a biographical article not here...
  • Eba Lawton Anderson (d.1919), by Will Johnson
    • Biography of Eliza Mackintosh Clinch Anderson also known as Eba Anderson Lawton who was a U.S. author who died in 1919
  • Genie:The Wild Child, by Will Johnson
    • In 1970 a child Susan M Wiley was discovered who had been kept locked away almost her 13 year life. She was later, by some scholars, called "Genie". Her parents were...
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