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Re: Thomas and Elesa Addis
From: Margaret Partridge
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 7:39 am
I made a mistake with their wedding, it must have taken place near or in June of 1913, according to the Oakland Tribune, June 28, 1913 issue, page 7.

Below is an excerpt: I had to cut part of it out as I couldn't cut and paste the exact section I wanted without including information from an adjacent article.

The marriage of Elisa Partridge and Dr. Thomas Addis is another hospital romance that throws a glamor over the profession of nursing, and makes so many •young girls rush in where angels fear to tread. Elesa Partridge, was one o* the society belles who forsook the gay glitter of social life to become a Florence Nightingale or a Clara Barton, who devoted their lives to ministering to the ills in which flesh is heir. The thrilling part of It all is that the bride and groom met over the operating table in the Lane Hospital. Dr. Addis is a Scotchman, and was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. He came over from the Bonnie Highlands with Dr. James Eaves, who married Helen Leavitt. Both were we!! known abroad, and both entered Lane's Hospltal. ..

....Dr. Eaves was an attendant at the Addis-Partridge wedding in Grace Pro-Cathedral. .

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