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Nicholas Spencer (1611-1643) of Cople, Bedfordshire

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He was baptised 15 Nov 1611 at Cople, Bedfordshire, the son of Nicholas Spencer of Cople by his wife Mary Elmes. He married Mary Gostwick on 20 Jan 1628, the daughter of Edward Gostwick, Bart (d 1630) by his wife Anne Wentworth (d 1633). He died in 1643, and his widow Mary died in 1694 at Cople.


  • William Spencer bap 20 Jul 1632 at Willington married abt Jul 1661 Katherine Wentworth and d.s.p.
  • Nicholas Spencer bap 19 Sep 1633 at Cople
  • Robert Spencer bap 5 May 1635 at Cople
  • Mary Spencer bap 30 Apr 1637 at Cople

Katherine Wentworth was the daughter of Thomas Wentworth, the Earl of Cleveland (d. 1667) by his wife (and distant cousin) Lucy Wentworth. Katherine died 21 May 1670 s.p. and William died Sep 1686.

BHO states that this William was living in 1691, but I believe the one living in 1691 was the nephew of this one. Note that Katherine Wentworth died s.p. However William's next brother Nicholas is known to have had two sons William his heir and Nicholas of Virginia.

Primary sources

  • For baptism of eldest son William see: - IGI - British Isles - Batch P003521 Source: "Bedfordshire Parish Registers" Printout: "Computer printout of Willington"
  • Visitations of Bedfordshire, made in 1566, 1582 and 1634..., edited by Frederic Augustus Blaydes. London (1884). Page 141, "Spencer of Cople"

Secondary sources

  • "The first mention of it [Rowlands] as a manor is found in 1531, when John Spencer made a settlement of it. His father Robert's name occurs a few years earlier as holding land in Cople. Thomas son of John Spencer died seised in 1547. He was succeeded by his son Robert, who was followed by his son Nicholas, who died about 1625. His son, another Nicholas, married Mary daughter of Sir Edward Gostwick of Willington, and died in 1643. William Spencer, son and heir of Nicholas, was living and in possession of Rowlands in 1691. From: 'Parishes: Cople', A History of the County of Bedford: Volume 3 (1912), pp. 238-42. URL. Date accessed: 24 February 2007."
  • I was advised in an email from David Cooper, that the eldest son William was baptised at Willington. I checked the extracted IGI entries and found it (see above).

Further reading

  • In a posting by Miller Fairfield to Gen-Med Feb 24, 2007 "Spencer of Cople, Beds" he advises that Nicholas left a will (1644) PROB11/192. William (presumably the son above) left a will (16 ) PROB11/383. And Nicholas (presumably the second son above) left a will (1688) PROB 11/454
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