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1930 Snohomish Co, Washington Census
Cathcart Precinct, Woodinville Cutoff Road 14 Apr 1930
Ancestry Image 7 of 13, Household 104
DesMarais, Albert, Head, O, 2000, R, No, M, W, 54, M, 22, No, Yes, Canada French, Canada French, Canada French, French, 12, 42, V, 1881, Na, Yes, Merchant, Grocery Store, 7X91, O, yes,(blank), no
, Lea, wife, 52, married first at age 19, Canada French, came to US in 1882, Naturalized, can read and write, 
, Hector H, son, 29, single, North Dakota, can read and write, Dog Catcher for Dog Pound
, Noel H, son, 18, single, Canada English, came to US in 1906, Naturalized, can read and write, Clerk in Grocery Store

—extract by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

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