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On p.553 in his work, Plantagenet Ancestry, Douglas Richardson states that Alice, daughter of William and Ela de Odingseles, married "Maurice or Thomas Caunton".

As the following contemporaneous Plea Roll entries from the helpful British History online site show, Alice's husband was named Maurice, not Thomas, de Caunton:

(1) Banco Roll, Michaelmas, 27 E. I.

Warwickshire: Ela formerly wife of William de Oddingeseles sued Ralph de Whyteleye of Solihul for a third of a messuage and twenty-five acres of land in Solyhull as her dower; and Ralph called to warranty John de Clynton and Ida his wife, Peter de Bermyngham and Alice his wife, Morice de Kaunton and Ela his wife, and John de Gray and Margaret his wife, because the said women were the daughters and heirs of William de Oddingseles; and John de Clynton and Ida appeared and stated that the said Peter had no wife named Alice, nor had Morice a wife named Ela, but that Peter had Ela to wife and Morice had Alice. Ralph denied this, and appealed to a jury, which is to be summoned for the Quindene of Hillary

From: 'Plea Rolls for Staffordshire: 27 Edward I', Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 7, part 1 (1886), pp. 50-65.

(2) Assizes taken at Stafford, before William Inge and Ralph de Bellafago, on the morrow of St. Katherine the Virgin, 31 E. I. (26th November, 1302).

Peter de Bermyngeham (Baro in HiberniĆ¢, sic) and Ela his wife, and Maurice de Canuteton and Alice his wife, not prosecuting their writ of novel disseisin against John de Clynton of Maxtoke and Ida his wife, John de Grey of Rotherefeld and Margaret his wife, William le Wodeward and Richard le Warrener, respecting tenements in Weford, the suit is dismissed, and they and their sureties, viz., Henry de Mortimer and Nicholas de Burton, are in misericordiĆ¢. m. 14.

From: 'Plea Rolls for Staffordshire: 30 Edward I', Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 7, part 1 (1886), pp. 94-108.

Contributed by MA-R from a post to GEN-MED 25 Mar 2007

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