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Page 603 Raynsford
11.Eleanor Hungerford. She married (3rd) Henry FitzLewis, younger son of Sir Lewis John and his 2nd wife Anne Montagu

Remark : RPA/PA3 appears to be inconsistent with respect to the parentage of Sir Henry FitzLewis (d.1480). On page 603 (Raynsford), he is said to be son of Sir Lewis John by his 2nd wife Anne Montagu. But on page 373 (Hankford) Sir Lewis John and Anne Montagu are said to have had three daughters only, while among the children of Sir Lewis John by his 1st wife Alice Vere are listed five sons including Henry as the 4th of 5. CP 5:210 lists the 5 sons in the same order as RPA (from Sir Lewis John’s will) without indicating their mother.

Roskell’s “House of Commons 1386-1421” (Cited by RPA) says in its biography of Sir Lewis John that two sons were by the first marriage and three by the 2nd marriage, which would make Henry a son of Anne Montagu. I suspect that Roskell’s version is probably more accurate here, which would make the RPA version under Raynsford correct and the version under Hanford incorrect.
Contribution of John Higgins

To this Douglas Richardson replied:
Complete Peerage 5 (1926):211, footnote e (sub Exeter) shows that the surviving children of Anne Montagu (died 1457), wife successively of Richard Hankford, Lewis John and John Holland, Duke of Exeter, were as follows :
1.Anne (Hankford) wife of Thomas Ormond (otherwise Butler) Earl of Ormond
2.Elizabeth (FitzLewis) wife of John Wingfield
3.Margaret (FitzLewis), wife of William Lucy
This information is in agreement with the record of Anne Montagu’s children as stated in the Hankford account in my book, Plantagenet Ancestry (2004).

To this John Higgins replied : Thanks for the clarification, and the correction to your Raynsford line, with respect to FitzLewis. I’m not entirely convinced that the cited footnote in CP establishes conclusively that Sir Lewis John and Anne Montagu had ONLY daughters from their marriage, especially since Faris in PA2 used exactly the same sources and reached a different conclusion.

The following item provides further proof of the parentage of Edward Rainsford of Massachusetts.

The Winthrop papers state that Edward's master was Owen Roe of London.

The apprenticeship register for the Haberdashers Company of London shows that:

"Edrus Raynsford filius Robti Raynsford de Staverton in Com Northton Armiger poss Owen Rowe civi et haberds London pro termino octo Annor a festo Penticosti ult dat ix die" June 1626

Contribution by Leslie via a post to 9 Sep 2005

The article states that Stephen Kirton by his wife Margaret Offley had "one son and four daughters". However an article in "The Genealogist" states that they had TWO sons, the other son John is there called "The Angell of Englishmen" (whatever that means) and died unmarried. Perhaps something of his life can be found to prove the assertion that he was their son ?

Contribution by Will Johnson via a post to 12 Oct 2007

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