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Penelope West (1582-1624)

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Born Sep 9, 1582 as the fourth daughter of Thomas West, 2nd Lord De La Warre (d 1602) by his wife Anne Knollys (daughter of Sir Francis Knollys and Mary Carey).

On 12 Feb 1593/4 at Wherwell, Hampshire, Herbert Pelham the elder married Elizabeth West, the eldest daughter of Thomas West and Anne Knollys. The family moved to Hellingly, Sussex where Herbert's last two children were baptised.

About five years after this marriage, Herbert's son by his prior marriage, also named Herbert Pelham (b 1582) married Elizabeth West's sister Penelope. This Herbert had a brother John who according to some sources, was his elder brother, but the evidence is conflicting. This John Pelham who was a Gent, of the Middle Temple, married Catherine Yardley, their license is dated 28 Jan 1608/9 on which Catherine is called "age 18". They had two children at Hellingly who may not have survived.

The baptismal locations of the children of Herbert Pelham and Penelope West, show that the family lived from 1607 to 1610 at Hellingly, Sussex but then moved to Saint Clements in Hastings where they stayed until 1620 or 1621. They last moved to Boston, Lincolnshire where Herbert was buried Jul 20, 1624 in John Cotton's Church.

A genealogy roll drawn up in 1693 states that they had 16 children alltogether, but does not name them all. Using what information it does provide I've compiled the below tentative list.

Their 16 children were:

  1. Herbert Pelham, eldest son, b abt 1600, aged 24 at father's death. He came to Massachusetts in 1638 and returned to England in 1647. He was buried 1 Jul 1674 at Bures, co Suffolk
  2. Margaret Pelham, eldest daughter who was buried 1661 at Bures, co Suffolk, unmarried
  3. Catherine Pelham, second daughter born 22 Aug 1606 at Dokenfield, co Sussex
  4. Catherine Pelham, baptised Jun 28, 1607 at Hellingly, Sussex. It is possibly *this* one and not her sister just above who married Rev James Ashton of Kilmersdon and died 19 Apr 1659
  5. John Pelham, baptised Mar 5 1608/9 at Hellingly, Sussex
  6. William Pelham, baptised Sep 23, 1610 at Hellingly, Sussex. He had a nuncupative will made on or about 8 Aug 1667 leaving everything to his brother Herbert
  7. Helen Pelham, baptised Dec 1 1611 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex, died "age 19 or 20"
  8. John Pelham, baptised Jun 5 1614 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex, who was age 20 at his 1635 immigration to New England
  9. Anthony Pelham, baptised 2 Jul 1615 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex, who died Oct 5, 1615 at that same place
  10. Anne Pelham, baptised 17 Aug 1617 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex who was buried 10 Mar 1622/3 at Boston, Lincolnshire
  11. Penelope Pelham, baptised 11 Oct 1618 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex. She immigrated in 1635, "age 16" to New England and died 28 May 1702 at Boston, Massachusetts. She married Richard Bellingham, Governor of Massachusetts but they had no issue.
  12. Nicholas Pelham, baptised 27 Feb 1619 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex. He died 10 Jul 1620.
  13. Anthony Pelham, baptised 24 May 1621 at Boston, Lincolnshire
  14. Martha Pelham baptised 6 Mar 1622/3 at Boston, Lincolnshire and buried 19 Apr 1624 there.
  15. Edward Pelham, called "fifth son", which is unlikely if all the above is true, and so may mean "fifth *surviving* son" and so he would go about here.
  16. Elizabeth Pelham baptised 8 Jul 1624 "youngest daughter" at Boston, Lincolnshire who immigrated to New England. In 1693 she is stated to be living with her sister Penelope. She died 1 Apr 1706 at Boston, Massachusetts and is buried at Marshfield.

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