Richard Whetehill

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Richard Whetehill

Possibly a son of Richard Whetehill of Calais, although so-far, there is no direct evidence.

This Richard married in 1546 to Jane Kirton (b. 1530), eldest daughter of Stephen Kirton, Alderman of London and his wife Margaret Offley.

Merchant Taylor

Secondary Sources

  • Posting on 2/23/07 by Jonathan Kirton to Gen-Med "Re: Sir Richard Whetehill"

Further reading

  • Cited by Jonathan Kirton (above)
    • Middlesex Pedigrees, p. 106, Kirton of Edmonton.
    • "Survey of London" (1603), by John Stow, p. 145, and p 151
    • Stephen Kirton's will (P.C.C. 17 Tashe) written: 1 Feb., 1552, proved 29 Aug. 1553-4. "Item I will further that yf my Children their partes do amounte to euery of them in goodes above the value of two hundredth poundes str. for so much I dyd give unto my sonne in lawe Rochard Whethill to the marriage of my daughter, That then my said sonne in lawe shalhaue the hole cost ouer and above two hundred poundes. And if my childrens partes do not amounte to the said value then I will and bequethe unto my said sonne in lawe Richard Withill for his paynes taken in ayding my wief the some of twentie poundes."
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