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Richer of Rheims (d. 1010) was a monk residing at Rheims between 966 and 998, who sometime in the tenth century wrote a History of France, possibly in four books. He was the pupil of Gerbert.

Frodoard, who preceded him in time, was a priest at Rheims and died in 966. His wrote a work Annals (919-966). His work was "apparently writen as the events occurred." While Richer's book, which covers a wider period, obviously wasn't.

Francis Palgrave in his The History of Normandy and of England tells us that with the death of Frodoard, there was a "falling off of historical information" and that Richar is thus singularly important as the "only historian at the close of the Carolingian era". He also tells us that Gerbert, when Gerbert was Archbishop of Rheims, requested Richer to compose a complete history of France, and supplied him with material.


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