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Sara Davidson (b. 1943), Jewish author

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Sara Davidson

Sara Jean Davidson was born in Los Angeles County 5 Feb 1943 and grew up in California. She went to U.C. Berkeley 1960-1 (at least). Moved to New York. Moved back to California in 1975. Now lives in Colorado.

She has a married sister Terry who lives in Hawaii. Their mother is called "93" in a post dated 14 May 2008.

Primary Sources for 1

  • California Birth Index showing : "Sara Jean Davidson born 5 Feb 1943, Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Wass"
  • The Giant Step from Sorority to Sit-In, Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California), 29 Aug 1977, page 4 : "In September of my sophomore year...There were more than 40 sororities at the University of California in 1961, but only three accepted Jewish girls...."

Secondary Sources for 1

Marvin H Davidson

Marvin H Davidson was born in 1908 in New York, the son of Abraham Davidson and his wife Sasha, Rumanian immigrants.

"It was in 1932 that my father came West from Syracuse, New York." He opened a store called MarvAl Radio.

Sometime between 1940 and 1943 Marvin married Alice Wass. They had two children.

Primary sources for 2

  • 1930 Census of Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York : "Abraham Davidson, 49, married first at 29, Rumania/Rumania/Rumania, (language) Rumanian, imm 1905, Retail Merchant, Jewelry; Sasha C, wife, 45, married first at 25, Rumania/Rumania/Rumania, (language) Rumanian, no occupation; Marvin H, son, 22, Single, born New York, no occupation; Milton J, son, 20, single, born New York, no occupation"

Alice S Wass

Sara Davidson's mother (name currently unknown) was born in Los Angeles, California in 1915. "My mother wanted to be an actress." She studied drama at UCLA, graduating with honors in 1932. She is howeve still listed as "student" in the 1938 and 1940 Voter registrations.

Sometime between 1940 and 1943 she married Marvin Davidson.

She currently lives in a retirement home in Hawaii near her married daughter Terry.

Abraham Davidson

Mrs Sasha Davidson

Louis E Wass

Louis E Wass was born about 1888 in Hungary. He immigrated to the United States in 1906, where probably in New York, he met and married Regina a Roumanian-born immigrant. Their eldest child Helen was born about 1911/2 in New York.

"My grandfather had made the journey to this land of dreams in 1913. He had come to New York from Debrecen, Hungary", then took a train to San Francisco by 1915, then went south to Los Angeles, where he found a job as an upholsterer at Barker Brothers. He wrote back to his wife, still in New York, to join him. Sara's mother was born in Los Angeles the next year. Later Mr unknown, the grandfather opened an auction house in 1940 from where he auctioned the estates of John Barrymore and Hedy Lamar. (Why isn't Sara naming him?)

In Loose Change she writes "my grandfather will be 90 this year". He had "lived in a house on Orange Street" for 30 years.

Primary sources for 6

  • 1930 Census of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California : "Louis E Wass, 42, married 23 years, Hungary/Hungary/Hungary, (language) Magyar, imm 1906, Upholster, general shop; Regena, wife, 42, Rumania/Hungary/Hungary, (language) Magyar, im 1904, no occupation; Helen 18 daughter, single, b New York, Stenographer, Label Joffers (?); Alice 15 daughter, b California"
  • California Voter Registrations, Los Angeles County, 1938 : "Louis Wass, manufacturer, Democrat; Mrs Regina Wass, housewife, Democrat; Miss Alice S Wass, student, Democrat"
  • California Voter Registrations, Los Angeles County 1946 : "Louis E Wass, 6373 Orange St, Democrat; Mrs Regina Wass, 6373 Orange St, Democrat; Marvin H Davidson, 6371 Orange St, Democrat; Mrs Alice S Davidson, 6373 Orange St, Democrat"

Mrs Regina Wass

Primary sources for 7

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