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  • "NY Post: Hornbeck's Biological Father Was a Convicted Sex Offender", Fox News, 21 Jan 2007 "The man who fathered kidnapped teen Shawn Hornbeck was a convicted sex offender who did three years in a Missouri prison on drug and sodomy charges, The Post has learned. The late Walter Hornbeck was 60 when Shawn was born to him and his wife, Pamela Akers. He had little contact with his son, Akers said. Akers kicked him out of the house when the boy was just 6 months old, and the couple divorced in 1992, about a year after Shawn was born.", "...Hornbeck died July 9, 2000, while on parole. Pamela married Shawn's stepdad, Craig Akers, in 1999."
  • SSDI showing "Walter Hornbeck, born 13 Jun 1899, died Jun 1972, resident of Saint Louis"
  • Deleted forum which used to say: "Gisele M. Hornbeck V Walter C Hornbeck, charge-FC adult abuse/stalking, Date 12/05/1996, His attorneys address is 600 South Holmes Ave. [Sound familiar?"]. The implication being that when Devlin was arrested his address was 491 Holmes Ave., Kirkwood, Missouri.

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