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Solomon Dennis "Sol" Trujillo (born 17 Nov 1951 in Cheyenne, Wyoming) is an American businessman."Future in Review Participants: Solomon Trujillo", Strategic News Service He is the Chief Executive Officer of Telstra, Australia's major telecommunications company.


Trujillo holds a Bachelor of Business degree and an MBA from the University of Wyoming. He began his business career as a business forecaster for Mountain Bell in 1975. He worked as President, chairman and CEO of U S WEST Communications, Inc. from 1995 to 2000. He served as chairman and CEO of Graviton before its closure. His next position was as CEO of Orange SA in 2003, a company on which he had been a board member since 2001."SOL TRUJILLO steps down at ORANGE after successful completion of restructuring plan; SANJIV AHUJA appointed new CEO", at archive of press release He held that position until Orange was acquired by France Telecom. He was appointed Telstra's Chief Executive Officer on 1 Jul 2005."Trujillo named as new Telstra CEO", Australian Associated Press The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 Jun 2005. Fairfax Media


  • Trujillo on Wikipedia — Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP, a New York based law firm threatened Wikimedia with legal action for an anonymous edit of the the Solomon Trujillo page on Wikipedia.[1] In particular, the letter demanded that Wikipedia "remove the above language from the article, including all of its history pages, and to permanently block [] from editing the page". The letter has been posted on Chilling Effects and according to that site, under 47 U.S.C. sec. 230(c)(1) Wikipedia can not be held liable for any such posts by its users.[2]
  • He resigned as CEO of U S WEST, Inc. just before the company became the subject of a federal criminal probe for overstating nearly a billion dollars in He was not charged by the justice department and has denied any knowledge of accounting irregularities.
  • Mr Trujillo is Australia's least admired chief executive, according to a business analysts' survey by the respected Australian business magazine Business Review Weekly. He has presided over a multi-billion dollar drop in the value of Telstra. Famously, he stated that he was 'proud' of having contributed to the decline in its value.[3]
  • In 2007 the Telstra Board lead by Mr Trujillo asked shareholders to approve a bonus package for management which would effectively give Mr Trujillo a A$20 million dollar bonus. Over 66% of shareholders voted against the bonus. Despite the opposition of shareholders Mr Trujillo said the board was "disappointed" with the result of the vote and would still issue the bonuses regardless of the wishes of shareholders."Telstra ignores shareholders over pay", The Australian

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